Aida Manduley

City and State: Boston, MA

Preferred Gender Pronouns: T(hey/Them/Theirs in English, Ella or Elle in Spanish)

Specialties and Expertise: Primary topics: anxiety, stress, depression, end of life, aging, non-monogamous relationships, life transitions, self-esteem, activist burnout, trauma, and gender + sexuality issues overall, navigating spirituality issues (specialty dealing with pagan, indigenous, and DIY-faith practices) Populations: Adults (18+) and older adults; queer and trans communities; survivors of sexual trauma and domestic violence; activists, academics, and rabble-rousers; people who are non-monogamous and/or kinky; people with non-mainstream spiritual practices; people of color and immigrants overall with the greatest specialty in Black and Latinx folks and immigrants from Latin-America and the Caribbean

License Type: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Additional Credentials: N/A

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Money Order, check, Venmo

Insurance Plans: None at the moment, only responsive fee/sliding scale


Contact Information:

       (401) 227.0769 (call or text) for therapy specific page (and Spanish version) for general website


Aida Manduley, LCSW is an award-winning Latinx activist, therapist, and educator known for big earrings and building bridges. At the core of Aida’s work is a strong set of anti-oppressive values, an insatiable curiosity for others’ perspectives, and a powerful work ethic. They currently have a thriving clinical practice out of The Meeting Point, serve on both The Effing Foundation for Sex Positivity's Advisory Board and the Leadership Circle for the Women of Color Sexual Health Network, and have been with The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health in multiple capacities since 2010. Manduley is also part of various ongoing projects and task-forces that take advantage of their specialties in trauma, sexuality, alternative relationship paradigms, and accountability processes. Past work includes crisis-response with victims of sexual assault, consulting with state departments of health, and leadership on a number of national and regional coalitions on HIV & STI prevention, comprehensive sexuality education, and LGBTQ anti-violence.


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