Brenda Liliana Gandara

City and State: Norwalk, California

Preferred Gender Pronouns: (she/ her/ hers)

Specialties and Expertise: Individuals living with limited sight or blindness, Amputees, Chronic pain, Abuse and trauma, Substance abuse problems, Immigration status related-issues, Geriatric-related issue

Degree/ License Type: Clinical Psychologist

Additional Credentials: N/A

Languages Spoken: Native Spanish Speaker, English

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal

Insurance Plans: None

Other Information: N/A


Contact Information:

       (562) 526-7874



I was born and raised in Mexico. I obtained a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the fully accredited program in Texas A&M University in College Station. I chose this program because of its emphasis to view treatment of mental illness within a cultural-sensitive framework. In other words, this program trained me to take into consideration how culture could influence how my clients feel, think and act. I completed the fully accredited internship at the Caribbean VA Healthcare System in San Juan, Puerto Rico, specializing in health psychology.

This means I received intense training focusing on how biology, psychophysiological factors, cognitive and emotional factors could influence health and illness. Part of my professional experience, includes but it is not limited to, working with individuals living with limited sight or blindness, amputees, chronic pain, abuse and trauma, substance abuse problems, and dealing with immigration status related-issues and geriatric-related issues.

Overall, I have experience offering therapy in schools, hospitals, prisons, homes and in the community in Texas, Puerto Rico and California which has contributed to the enrichment my cultural competence. My areas of expertise include the following: chronic pain, adults/geriatric, rehabilitation, adults, and depression and anxiety. I also have experience providing localization services to Fortune 500 companies, to ensure conceptual equivalence when translating and adapting behavioral, cognitive and psychological assessments to Latin American countries


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